Together – Lady in green

This is a unique artwork by Japanese artist Kazuhiko Tanaka. This couple is made of stone clay and painted in acrylics. Each character also has a magnet in the feet for the sculpture to stand steadily on the metal plaque of 8 x 8 cm. The sculpture is part of a 2019 series of couples, Phantasy.

“Because architecture is such an essential part of our lives I think it must also contain our souls and I think my figures might be our soul mates. As an architect, I think that the common point shared between my architecture and my figures is the soul […] When I was walking in the city and observing al the people (who were just walking, talking and laughing) I realised that these were the beautiful moments in each of their lives. I was inspired by these images and in the train, on my way back home I was excited because this gave me new ideas for my next creatins. As a boy, I loved crafts and painting and then I became an architect. As I designed buildings and landscapes the scale of my works grew larger. However, now I have been creating much smaller pieces for a long time”.

Kazuhiko Tanaka


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Together – Lady in green

Kazuhiko Tanaka is a contemporary Japanese artist born in 1953. Multifaceted artist, Tanaka was an acclaimed architect before gaining renown for his miniature artworks. To him, it was important to create small scale artworks for people to truly enjoy them “I create pieces that people can play with in their hands. Most of the large sculptures can be appreciated only by looking at them from outside the sculptures“. Read more about the artist here.

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