Laurence De Valmy

In her paintings Laurence De Valmy imagines Picasso, Matisse, or Klein, living in the era of social networks, especially focusing on Instagram. Using Instagram posts look Laurence De Valmy gives away the anecdotes behind iconic artworks of modern & contemporary art. Each of Laurence’s paintings is a clever juxtaposition of an original painting & an imagined conversation historically accurate yet humorous. True to life, amusing & enlightening Laurence De Valmy brings a new & refreshing look on Art History! 

What if Instagram had always existed ?

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Laurence De Valmy developed her most recent series, POST, while in residency in the prestigious ENSKFF. In this series Laurence De Valmy explores and analyses the connections between art and new technologies, specifically social networks. The artist is at the heart of her thoughts: how do social media influence artist’s inspirations ? Through social networks new bonds emerge between the artist and his audience, emotions and looks are shared and subtly mixed. Laurence De Valmy gives us new answers to look into art, enabling us to re appropriate works we had crossed path with so much we eventually didn’t even see them anymore. In Laurence De Valmy’s paintings we learn to see the iconic works of Art.

The POST series has been exhibited in various exhibitions throughout the world, in public institutions as well as galleries. An exhibition at the BUNTE Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art in Munich featured a specifically commissioned artwork for the museum owner. Laurence De Valmy’s artworks are also part of Eileen Kaminsky Foundation. From Miami to London, through Honfleur, Laurence De Valmy becomes an artist to watch closely. 

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