Pinar Du Pre

As an Austrian/Turkish Painter born in 1972 in Vienna, Pinar Du Pre has been influenced deeply by the artist of Kunstlerhaus and Wiener Werkstaette.

Austrian Turkish, Born 1972

As a highly talented autodidact, Pinar Du Pre started painting early on. Today, Pinar Du Pre confirms her unique technique in which she mixes ‘the virtual world’ with ‘the real world’.  Pinar Du Pre is an artist with an immense curiosity in the nature of reality, and reality isn’t what it’s been cracked up to be! Inspired by these findings Pinar Du Pre creates artistic metaphors reflecting this more challenging view of a very new kind of reality. Her works are a medley of the virtual aspects of our perception represented by new media and digital arts and the tangible reality of our daily lives represented by ‘old media’ with substances like acrylics, gilding and epoxy glass. Her choice of materials – acrylics, printed elements, and layers of gilt captured under an epoxy lens – represents another aspect of the layered reality Pinar Du Pre aims to depict.


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