Pinar du Pré

What is reality? is the central theme across Alea Pinar Du Pré’s paintings.  Pinar Du Pré thinks of each painting as being a glimpse, a fraction of it, before it escapes. Pinar’s paintings aim to help administer a small dose of inner perceptiveness! Looking into and beyond the canvas, Pinar Du Pré hopes we will find new ways to tell what we see. Each piece has its own narrative, designed to stimulate the audience to reflect on the blurred playground that bridges the visible and invisible, reality and perception. Du Pré’s choice of materials – acrylics, printed elements, and layers of gilt captured under an epoxy lens – represents another aspect of the layered reality she aims to depict.

I believe in the sacredness of the human experience.

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Alea is an artist with an immense curiosity in the nature of reality. And according to Pinar reality stills has a lot to reveal. The insights of quantum mechanics and M theory point to a universe that’s undivided, in which all parts merge and unite in one totality. The ultimate nature of physical reality is not as a collection of separate objects (as it appears), but instead an undivided whole in a dynamic state of flux. Inspired by these findings Alea Pinar Du Pré creates artistic metaphors reflecting this more challenging view of a very new kind of reality. 

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Pinar’s work explores the territory between the world “˜out there’ and our very different ‘worlds within’. Alea Pinar Du Pré’s paintings portray the fact that our perceptions of solid reality are as deceptively virtual as everything else in a world the mind molds as readily as plastic. Her technique also involves a fusion of materials, outlooks and diverse inspirations. Building on the synthetic intensity of digital art, her figurative style depicts a familiar but warped daily life. Her works are a medley of the virtuality of our perception represented by new media and digital arts and the tangible reality of our daily lives represented by “˜old media’ with substances like acrylics, gilding and epoxy glass.