Kazuhiko Tanaka


When I am walking in the city, not on business as an architect, just observing people walking, talking, and laughing, I realize these are the beautiful moments of their lives.

“Kazuhiko Tanaka was born in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture. He graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music with a major in Architectural Design. For more than forty years, Tanaka has been working as an architect in Tokyo. The human figures of Kazuhiko Tanaka charm his audiences by capturing the essence of everyday life or surrealistic scenes from our dreams. In addition to his architectural work, since he began his art work, the creativity of Kazuhiko Tanaka has continued to evolve both in style and stature. However, the core of Kazuhiko Tanaka work has not changed, and that is his desire to express the beautiful moments in life and to engage us in those experiences. The faces of the figures sculpted by Kazuhiko Tanaka are expressionless and their clothing neutral in order to elicit a personal narrative from each viewer. Most of Tanaka sculptures are miniature but, in contrast to his larger sculpture, the small figures are conceived in designs intended to suggest a larger, more powerful aerial space. This produces a sort of magic in Tanaka’s miniaturization of forms.”
– Introduction text by Keiko Fukai

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