Art financing

Arts Range X Art Money

Arts Range is delighted to offer you Art Money.

Art Money is interest free financing, making the acquisition of art accessible.

Art Money offers you the opportunity to receive your work after paying a minimum 10% deposit to the gallery. The balance is paid in 9 interest free monthly payments.

• As an example, “Joy” by Edo Kaaij is priced at 9000€. Make the first payment of 900€ to Arts Range – receive the sculpture after the first payment, then make 9 monthly installments of 900€ directly to Art Money. It’s that simple.

Art Money empowers people to buy art, supporting artists, galleries and a sustainable creative economy.

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Contact us to receive a simulation for the acquisition of one of our works via art money.

Our team is available to help you start, or manage, your art collection. Our extensive art market knowledge, and vast network, enables us to provide bespoke service wherever you are.