Clément Verdière

A play of careful construction a deconstruction happens in Clément Verdière’s paintings. Young contemporary emerging painter Clément Verdière is self-taught. He cultivated his raw talent learning alongside Patrick Hugues and Skunkdog in the southern city of Marseille. Feeding on the wise advices of his contemporaries Clément Verdière pushed the boundaries of his paintings.

Portraits are at the core of Clément Verdière’s work. Clément’s faces captivate the viewer as much as they obsess the artist in his studio. Accurate and powerful Clément’s paintings reveal and explore human nature in depth.


If I had to define my work in one word: deconstruction.

Clément Verdière

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Clément Verdière creates all of his paintings following two steps. The first one is methodical, almost academic, as he carefully places and aligns all the different elements on the canvas. In a second phase Clément Verdière eventually deconstructs all he created and sets his instinct and imagination free to take his paintings further. He then starts applying his signature transparency, using all the available tools on hand with large strokes of brush, rollers and even clothes.  

His paintings thus enter a new dimension, making their ways to our hearts.

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