Paola Grizi

Creating works of exceptional artistic quality, noted for their creativity and innovation, Paola has won numerous awards that have placed her amongst contemporary artists to watch. 

Paola Grizi focuses her artistic research by showing the border between the abstract and the figurative art, but above all between the representations of the conscious and the unconscious in order to understand the outside world around us.

All the places, in some way, are a source of inspiration to me

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Paola Grizi childhood paved the way towards an artistic path. As the granddaughter of a well known Italian painter and sculptor and the niece of a ceramicist, Paola Grizi began to forge her creativity at a young age. Paola spent her entire life immersed in the art world’s growing up in a family with artistic sensibilities instilled. Over the years, Paola Grizi tried various artistic practices such as painting, ceramics or sculpture in order to find the one that suits her.

In Paola Grizi’s sculptures, the faces often have an expression of amazement, as if they encountered a new reality, as if they encountered a completely new point of view.

Paola Grizi skillfully manipulates her materials. Paola’s sculptures constantly evolving into more complex pieces of architecture. The pages of the book seem to get thinner as the “paper” turns and folds to create new dynamic composition. The book sculptures of Paola Grizi relate to her own passions for writing and literature. Before focusing on sculpture, Paola studied classics and Italian literature and worked as a journalist and editor at the end of her studies. Literature is a discipline that has always been in Paola. It is then only natural it became the core of her sculptures.

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Like almost all of her work, the book series came to Paola Grizi spontaneously, instinctively, without really thinking about the concept that could emerge from her imagination. At first, Paola Grizi wanted to create panels that faces emerged from them. Then, little by little, Paola unified the elements of her sculpture and realised that something quite different from her initial intentions. What came through her sculpture resembled a book, an idea that Paola Grizi immediately took. Paola Grizi works question technology; as technology advances, the physicality of books is getting lost. The feel of a touch screen slowly replaces the touch of paper under our fingertips, but books continue to possess unparalleled charm. Paola Grizi is intrigued by the physicality of the books, from the sounds produced by flipping through the pages, to the sight of ink on the page, the tactile sensation of the paper, up to the olfactory sensation that distinguishes antique books from new ones.