Lene Kilde

sculptures of wire, copper and air

Space is a material of its own right in Lene Kilde’s sculptures as she explains her works are made of “concrete, metal & air”. Kilde draws her inspiration from childhood memories and her own daughter to create her whimsical sculptures. Each work is unique and perfectly depicts children’s attitudes; from the one creative one playing around with a painting bucket to the shy ones holding hands. Lene voluntarily leaves her works dangling for the viewer to continue the story. As a child, Lene Kilde wondered many times what made children so different from grown-ups. Would they become different people? “No way!” she thought. Lene Kilde was then living in a small town near Oslo. She was already passionate about sculpture on wood, to such an extent her parents built her a little studio in their house’s basement. Not only has Lene always had a calling for sculpture. It is a whole continuum between childhood and adulthood, which reminds her of the child she used to be.


After graduating from a MA in industrial design in 2012, Lene Kilde was awarded a three years scholarship from the Norwegian Art Council. Made of wire, her artworks of the time are halfway between 3D drawings and sculptures. This unique style allows her to be exhibited at SCOPE Basel art show the same year. Both the Norwegian Broadcasting Network and the Akershus Hospital decided to trust Lene Kilde’s art and to acquire artworks of hers. Lene Kilde always had a project of moving to a warm country, as she wanted to discover new inspirations and exhibit at local galleries. She finally fulfilled her ambition in 2014, as she moved to Grenada for a residency.

During her four months Lene Kilde found herself fascinated with Molinere Bay’s Underwater Sculpture Park, an artificial reef grown upon colonisable sculptures. During her four months of residency, Lene Kilde attempted to find the perfect formula for a sculpture coral could colonise. Inspired by the Caribbean tale of the Nutmeg Princess, she finally produced a life-size sculpture made of full concrete. Inspired by the Caribbean tale of the Nutmeg Princess, she eventually produced a life-size sculpturemade of full concrete. Since then Lene decided to incorporate concrete to her children-inspired sculptures, along with copper, mesh and “air”. Each artwork demonstrates her storytelling talent. Being fascinated with children and their emotions, but mostly the universality of these, Lene invites the viewer to take a stroll down memory lane into his own childhood. Kilde believes body language to be a fully-fledged manner of communicating, hence her focus on their hands and feet as the core of the gesture. 

Selected Press :

Articulate Magazine                            Cultura Collectiva                                  Courrier International  

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