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Lolek has been developing his signature from a young age. The young artist started exhibiting drawings at the age of 15. Now, it seems that these were the very first sketches of the sculptures that later came. Lolek’s signature style lies in the curves of his characters. He started fifteen years ago with heavy women carrying dogs in leashes. The purity and simplicity quickly seduced collectors. Lolek extended his animal subjects to cats, captivated by their playful nature and a large spectrum of attitudes. “I am not a conceptual artist at all, and I like for people to project into my works. Cats are accessible, and I want my art to be so as well”, explains Lolek. 

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7 Quai St Etienne 14600 Honfleur
MON-SUN 10:00 - 19:30

Lolek is now one of the very few artists to own his foundry. This enables the sculptor to oversee the entire process, from start to finish. Lolek is passionate about the craftsmanship lying behind the sculpting art. Dedicated to maintaining the 5000 years old technique, he frequently invites his dealers and collectors to visit the studio to grasp all that goes into creating one artwork entirely. Lolek twists animal sculptures with pure lines and contemporary patinas. 

Working on the lost wax technique, Lolek creates refined and opulent forms encouraging us to touch and stroke the stable balance of his sculptures. With the strength of his pieces lounging within the shaded sheen and delicate chiselling, Lolek carries us away to a world of lightness and humour dominated by the canine race and the deep tenderness between animals and humans.

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