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  • Range-of-Arts-Painting-Murielle-Vanhove-Encore-5-ln-100x100cm
  • Range-of-Arts-Painting-Murielle-Vanhove-Elles-Turquoise-100x100cm
  • Range-of-Arts-Painting-Murielle-Vanhove-Elles-Metro-120x120cm
  • Range-of-Arts-Painting-Murielle-Vanhove-Elles-Ocre-Rouge-25F

Born in 1963 Murielle Vanhove’s paintings reveal the painter’s gesture, both instinctive and carefully controlled. Often drawing her inspiration from magazines’ photographs adding them her own touch, her own interpretation. “Like what Rouart and Norman Rockwell did before me I try to question my time in analyzing social and dress codes in my paintings” says the artist.

Her fascination for crowd came early as she sat in her parents’ Parisian brasserie observing the dance of clients coming in and out. Now she fixes her characters’ attitudes in a precise and energetic way, as colors rythm their dance on the canvas.⠀

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