Alexandra Gestin

When excess becomes grace !

Range of Arts I Alexandra Gestin I Rikishi [Available]


Alexandra Gestin’s iconic sumo sculptures were inspired to her after she traveled to the Land of the Rising Sun. Fascinated by the ancestral sport, Alexandra Gestin decided to immortalize the sumo’s singular silhouette in bronze. As Alexandra turns traditional figures into contemporary vibrant sculptures, strength turns into gentleness & the viewer is enthralled by the unexpected face expressions. Alexandra Gestin’s bronzes and resins are surprisingly graceful!

The gesture is beautiful, generous. Alexandra Gestin’s sumo sculptures show a truth, they have style. Her talent is in her contrasts, strength and gentleness, solid but fragile. A wonderful chemistry which is reflected in the work and the personality of Alexandra Gestin.

Destiny took the young Alexandra far away from her native country early on and her artist-architect grandfather on a number of amazing voyages that gave her passion for art. In North Africa, love for sculpture became a passion. In Asia, she was inspired and discovered her first subjects that are now iconic. Red, blue, black, silver or gold Alexandra’s sumos sculptures are of the kind to not be forgotten.

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