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Moons is a young contemporary artist with a keen eye to bring together the best of art, music and luxury in his unique designs. Moons is an artist with an insatiable curiosity, always on the hunt for the latest trends. His 3D mural sculptures reflect his sleek follow-up and reveal a characteristic mix of genres of post-modern societies. Long gone are the days where Street art could only be found, and created, in the said streets.  Contemporary urban artists indeed often join forces with acclaimed fashion designers for collaborations. 

Arts Range - Moons - 3D Sculpture -Hamsa, KUMU I

Moons’ multi-media artworks incorporate the finest tendencies of art & fashion within smoothly patterned 3D constructions, whose dynamics allow us to explore the unlimited power of the graphics, in its era! Revolving around the master game between the viewer’s perception & his shaped unconscious, Moons’ art delves into the concepts of aesthetic codes, commercialism, pop culture & the globalization of social media. Inspired by the amazing different subcultures which the world has to offer, Moons communi- cates with the up-to-the-minute & keenly aware international audience, the eager, impatient & desirous!

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