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Thierry Beaudenon and Emmanuel Albaret’s superheroes

Thierry Beaudenon and Emmanuel Albaret are two French artists who both pay tribute to our favorite superheroes in unique artworks. Thierry Beaudenon uses acrylic paint on road signs to create unusual situation for superheroes while Emmanuel Albaret selects his characters in his impressive collection of original movie posters that he cuts, sticks and then accumulates various layers to create a work that looks like it was just taken from street walls. And in both cases the result is astonishing!

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Discover French emerging artist Nathan Chantob

At only 26 Nathan Chantob presents works of a rare quality for his young age. By dint of testing his portraits are more and more powerful and deliver the artist’s very own sensitivity. Nathan is also a real drawing master as we can see in each and every single work that comes out of his studio. Drawing is an important part of his process and he draws relentlessly before eventually starting the canvas.

We are very proud to showcase his works at the gallery.

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