Sylvie Eudes

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Since her childhood in Normandy, Sylvie Eudes abandoned dolls to devote herself to draw. Sylvie’s universe can be compared to that of Japanese manga & David Hockney’s escaped influences. The meticulous work of lacquer imposes itself on her. This delicate technique requires painting flat, does not allow you to go back to your work & requires long weeks of drying. Sylvie Eudes likes the purity & the fusion of materials. Water & oil collide & the final rendering oscillates between figurative & abstract.

My work is an invitation to travel and evasion

Sylvie Eudes

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In her work, she delights in intimate scenes where animals coexist with humans. Each painting is a slice of life, a small text that tells a story. A recurring theme of her paintings is the inevitable presence of a little girl with square cut hair: an obvious childlike double of the artist. Sensitive, tender, soothing and populated with gentle animals, Sylvie’s worldview encourages contemplation.

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