Sylvie Eudes

Since her childhood in Normandy, Sylvie Eudes abandoned dolls to devote herself to drawing. Sylvie’s universe can be compared to that of Japanese manga & David Hockney’s escaped influences with touches of nostalgia similar to Hopper’s paintings.

In her work, Sylvie delights in intimate scenes where animals coexist with humans. Each painting is a slice of life, a small text that tells a story. A recurring theme of her paintings is the inevitable presence of a little girl with square cut hair: an obvious childlike double of the artist. Sensitive, tender, soothing and populated with gentle animals.

Sylvie Eudes is also a dreamer. Other artworks depict a summary & refined atmosphere, shaped in pure lines, sparkling shades & elaborate perspectives. Titled Evasion – “Escape”- this series is a genuine window on the world, made for the viewer to escape the trivialities of everyday life. “I project my desire for sun, vacations, swimming pool or sea in these artworks” Sylvie explains.

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