Mariela Garibay

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Her sculpture is figurative but not realistic. Mariela Garibay observes the world around her and transcribes it with a lot of tenderness through childish characters.

Serene happiness is immortalised in Garibay’s generous, confident, soft and strong bronze sculptures. Her work is an invitation to travel into a universe of tenderness as the works are marked by round shapes and smooth patinas. The characters filling Mariela’s world will always create amazement and give the viewer the opportunity to share a rare moment of peace. Wait for her babies to talk to you… this is the Mariela Garibay’s advice.

The artist won twice of the Winternitz award, in 1997 and 1999; and National Drawing award 2005. Mariela Garibay has exhibited her work extensively in Europe and South America. Garibay’s first solo exhibition in 2004 was a great success and catapulted her into international arena. The artist has realised several state commissions in Peru, taught at the Fine Arts School of Ayacucho and PUCP. She has been developing her bronze technique, and exhibiting her sculptures permanently in art galleries including ours in Honfleur.