Isabel Miramontes

The sculptures that Isabel Miramontes creates are all about emotion and purity of the lines.

Range of Arts I Isabelle Miramontes I Le Baiser [Available]

Isabel Miramontes is a contemporary Spanish artist living and working in Belgium. Miramontes discovered her passion for sculpture in 1994 in Jacob Hasbún studio and decided to express herself through this medium. For Isabel Miramontes a sculpture is not a block into which she carves to give it form, but it’s rather a void that the artist gives substance to. Therefore Isabel Miramontes represents cut silhouettes, integrating empty spaces into their bodies.

Besides space, the key component, both the body posture and the living essence of a human are the main aspects in the works of Isabel.  Every day in her studio, echoing her sketches, Miramontes fervently fashions the clay, explores new shapes & conveys her vision of the world. Struck by a silhouette, a movement, a symbol, a thought, Isabel Miramontes  translates into her unique visual language, human’s ambiguity of power and fragility, confinement and yearning for liberty, dreams and triumphs. Isabel Miramontes is known for her bronze sculptures, outdoors monumental ones as well as smaller ones that can be found at our gallery in Honfleur.

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