Hirotoshi Ito

Range of Arts- Sculpture - Hirotoshi Ito - Laughing Stone VI

In Hirotoshi Ito’s masterful hands, common rocks become strange, unsettling and humorous creations that will make you look twice.

Hirotoshi Ito creates bizarre and mind-bending stone sculptures which really throws us for a loop. Surprisingly, it all started in a riverbed in his neighborhood, where Hirotoshi Ito picks up the small rocks he works with. Although most of us consider stone to be a cold, hard and unforgiving material, it is for Hirotoshi Ito the perfect canvas. He says that he would like to show others its big potential to express warmth and humor.


A smile on the beholder’s face is the main motivation for my work.

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Hirotoshi Ito is a Japanese contemporary artist born in 1964. The family of Hirotoshi Ito has been involved in stone work since 1879. According to the artist “most of [his] work consists in optimising a stone’s original shape”. When Hirotoshi Ito is not shaping stones into playful designs, he creates tombstones, monuments, and other sculptures. 

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