French, born in 1987

Onemizer is a French contemporary street artist. Onemizer has long worked outdoors, creating large scale artworks for everyone to admire as they wander in the streets. As years passed, Onemizer perfected his technique and found his unique style. The street artist mixes all his inspiration sources, from Pop art icons to movie legends through his everyday life influences, to create his own of a kind urban artwork. Always mixing tags with graffiti Onemizer universe lives outdoors as well as in-studio works, on canvas, or wooden palette. Onemizer is regarded as a very free artist constantly on the look for new messages to get out, multiplying techniques and varying media.

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Onemizer was born in Southern France in 1987 and spent his childhood in Africa, where he made his first art discoveries. During his teenage years, Onemizer started exploring Paris and its suburbs, seeing tubes and highways first as museums, later as his playgrounds. Onemizer fell in love with those disaffected areas that he could use to express his creativity and perfect his technique. No longer a name amongst others, Onemizer now receives invitations to tag and graff all around the world. 

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