Instinct, sincerity & vitality

Jazzu paints like he breathes: with instinct being the core of his gesture, sincerity, and vitality. As he depicts his joys and sorrows, Jazzu is none other than an alchemist who mixes colours and techniques – brushes, sprays, pastels and crayons. Under his sheer spontaneity, shapes turn into flesh and languages. As he remains faithful to the neo-expressionist philosophy, Jazzu’s thrumming energy ends up whispering reassuring messages. His art is raw, sharp, yet sensual and wise; it speaks to each one of us and talks us into universal themes, personal thinking and human connection. 

Jazzu’s paintings are definitely of their time, following the Post Basquiat trend. To those inquiring about their similarities, Jazzu cleverly reminds us of Marcel Duchamp’s words: “there is nothing left to invent, everything has been created already”. 

“I paint with my guts, I express my questionnings through words, and colors arrive, they are self-evident” says Jazzu. Both raw and sensual, wise and quick, his art speaks to everyone. Jazzu tackles universal themes, letting us to reflect on his personnal thinking and inviting us to an open heart conversation with his pieces.

Prices & Availabilities

We will be delighted to advise and accompany you in Jazzu's universe to find the first piece of your collection, or the next gem to beautifully compliment it.