Pop Art iconic characters, comic super heroes, Japanse mangas and movie Pin Ups are brought to life within the vibrant universe of Thierry Beaudenon. Thierry is a talented drawer and illustrator with an eye sharpened by many years in advertising agencies. For more than a decade now, he has dedicated his skills to creating artworks on road signs; ones where he brings Marvel and DC Comics heroes to a new life! Making every effort to modify the road sign as little as possible he lets the support driving him to the right way, having inspiration come directly from the context. One very unusual environment for Spiderman, Hulk and he others – but definitely an original artwork on an unconventional support!

For more than twenty years Thierry Beaudenon expressed his drawing talents within the advertising industry, working for major agencies since he graduated high school. Thierry also published his illustrations in comic books as well as schoolbooks with Hachette and Bordas. Beaudenon himself is the author of a collection of books about learning to draw with Vigot editions and has published 20 books in this series. He has finally went on being a full time artist and his inspirations very clearly appear in his Pop Art paintings. His extensive knowledge in drawing makes his paintings strong, colorful and very precise at once. Available artworks can also be purchased directly on our dedicated e-shop here.

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