Romero Britto

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While Romero Britto maintains, “I was born to paint life in a different way, rejoicing in the beauty our world has to offer,” he is certainly no stranger to hardship.

Revealed in peaceful, playful, sensual, and perpetually joyful themes, Romero Britto’s people, animals, flowers, and sunsets reveal the enthusiastic potential of everyday experiences. “To achieve such airborne emotions, Romero Britto has invented his own pictorial language. With bright colors, harmonious shapes, and pleasing patterns, the art of Romero Britto is an art that demands to be taken on its own terms,” says Eileen Guggenheim of Britto’s art in the Museo de Bellas Artes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Romero Britto’s daring combinations of color, size, pattern and prospective are quite deliberate. The varied thickness of Britto’s black outlines enhance the depth and form of his subjects. The precise stripes and polka dots create textures that further describe the subject matter as three-dimensional characters and places. Most distinctive is Romero Britto’s own signature as a design element in each of his canvases since 1992. These elements combine to create a style that is fresh and invigorating and can be understood by all.

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Romero Britto has exhibited internationally in London, Stockholm, Madrid, Tokyo and Italy. Romero Britto’s works are also popular with celebrities or renowned figures, some of which Romero Britto has based portraits on, such as Dustin Hoffman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jordan, Gloria Estefan, Eileen Guggenheim, David Rockefeller, and Senator Ted Kennedy. Britto’s most recent exhibition held in 2011, in London was “Modern Icons”, hosted at Imitate Modern Gallery. The exhibition featured a series of portraits of the members of the British Royal family. The icons represented included The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, HM Queen Elizabeth II, The Pope, Chairman Mao, Henry Matisse, Brigitte Bardot and Jesus. The portrait of the new British Royal couple was the highlight of the auction, and Romero Britto commented: “It was wonderful to create their portrait, I just adore their love story and what they represent for all of us… love, longevity and history.”

While Romero’s art has been reproduced to help organizations raise funds for their causes, Britto accepts with pleasure and humility to interact directly with those who will specifically benefit from his art: painting with children afflicted with often fatal diseases to simply visiting with others who stay at the hospitals that own his oversize murals. Of course, the financial needs of these organizations and the families whom they help are always at the fore. In 1999, a Britto original, “Cheek to Cheek,” brought $100,000 at live auction to the Agassi Foundation in Las Vegas, Nevada. Romero Britto has prided himself for always saying “yes” on every occasion to an organization in need. In Britto’s words, “I feel lucky to have been given the gift of creativity so that I may share my vision of a better world. I will never forget what it was like to be poor.” To date, Britto’s art is shown in over 140 galleries worldwide. Romero Britto has been profiled in numerous national publications including People, Art News, Variety, and Leaders. Britto lives in Miami, Florida, with his wife and son. His studio in Miami Beach is open to the public and has become a meeting place for school children, collectors and art enthusiasts. His talent and generous spirit affect all those with whom he comes into contact. This is what makes so many people want to live with Romero Britto’s art everyday and why he is the most celebrated artist alive today.