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French artist Laetitia Vernieux lends prestige to ballpoint art. Laetitia has been drawing since her early childhood, using art as a means to exteriorise her hypersensitivity. Perfecting her techniques throughout the years her works are nothing but enthralling. As the viewer as one comes closer to the canvas he realises her mastery and the thousands lines of ballpoint pen creating it. Laetitia Vernieux switches from ballpoint to oil, or ink, with a confusing ease, going from one theme to another just as easily. “The artist is nothing but  tools, like the pencil, the or the brush” according to Vernieux. Laetitia’s inspirations is endless as she finds it everywhere around her. 

Creation is the artist breathing

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Ballpoint pen, oil, ink, water, charcoal … Laetitia leaves no means to translate her emotions on the canvas. “The artist links reality with his own interpretation” according to Laetitia Vernieux. 

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