Gaspard Mitz

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Gaspard Mitz is French contemporary artist. In his Box Stories, Gaspard Mitz sets up miniature characters in bigger-than-life scenarios. 
Inspired by 1/87 scale model figurines, he created his first Box Story in December 2010 as a gift to his girlfriend. Gaspard loves twisting the figurines’ original function and giving them a new part his in creations. Since his childhood has been keen on jewel cases-objects, such as music boxes, cuckoo clocks and artist Joseph Cornell’s artworks.

As a great admirer of Japanese aestheticism, he sets up his scenes in sober, uncluttered atmospheres, and works with selected materials such as wood, polystyrene, foam sheets and paper. Box Stories are limited-edition pieces handcrafted by Gaspard Mitz in Paris.

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