Valérie Carmet

Valérie Carmet has one very singular palette that does not involve any brush or knife but rather vintage, collectible and new toys. In Valérie’s Toy Box series, she recreates large popular figures of the Pop culture using their miniature in a complex and meticulous composition. Small storm troopers eventually compose a larger Darth Vader and toy soldiers will be the essence of Rimbaud’s Dormeur du Val. Even though Valérie Carmet’s artworks state “Not Intended for Children”, her 3D mural artworks undoubtedly awake the inner child in each and every one of us!

My life is my playground now

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The “ToyBox Collection”  is an expression of this constant desire to play, reflecting the image to the viewer, inviting them to reconnect and live once again the great moments of play.
The box is a reminder that play never goes away; it is there, as a constant offering, as a container of all of what is good in the notion of play.
To some, it might communicate that if you do not get to play as a child and if you lived in a family where play was “not intended for children”, you might just become this grown adult who wants to play even more.
Then you might be told, your behavior is “intended for children” only.
Go out and play with all of the people in your life, generous of your time to the ones you love and to yourself”

Valérie Carmet