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In her sculptures, Saône De Stalh captures all together, movement, heaviness and boldness. 

Saône de Stalh is a young contemporary French artist who has succeeded in realizing her dreams. Since her early childhood, Saône de Stalh has dreamt about an extraordinary project: presenting monumental equestrian and animal sculptures, a magnificent project which she is now fully devoted to. In Saone’s monumental horse sculptures the body and the movement seem so realistic that if they were not painted in such wonderful hues of blue we could believe that we are in front of a real animal. 

Horses have always been part of my life

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From her childhood, Saône de Stalh was immersed in the artistic culture since her mother helped her to develop her own artistic personality and his father is a talented photographer. She practiced and tried many mediums before finally dedicating to photography. After a first exhibition when she was only 16 years old, she decided to deepen her artistic style before representing again her artistic work to the public.

After giving birth, she decided to reorient herself to sculpture. Experiences after experiences, she learned to consolidate her technique in a completely autodidact manner. Interested by the monumental aspects of sculpture, she decided to use resin after one of her wooden sculpture collapsed. Her meeting with Pascal Rosier, a moulding and resin specialist, will be critical in her approach to this matter that she had never used.

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