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Often described as Neo Pop, Britto’s art has moved beyond the philosophy of Pop Art as a reflection of popular culture toward an art that has become a pop icon. Britto combines influences from cubism with pop to create a vibrant iconic style that The New York Times describes “virtually explodes with warmth, optimism and love.” 

 Romero Britto’s art does not only hang on our walls but is incorporated into those everyday items that we enjoy – couture fashions, postage stamps, and Pepsi® cans! 


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Autodidact Romero Britto started at a very early age painting on newspapers. In 1983, Romero Britto travelled to Paris where he was introduced to the work of Matisse and Picasso. In 1988, Romero Britto moved to Miami and emerged as an international artist. In the following year, Romero Britto was selected alongside Andy Warhol and Keith Haring for Absolut Vodka’s “Absolut Art” campaign. Brands as Audi, Bentley, Disney, Technomarine, Evian and FIFA, for whom he created an official poster for the 2010 World Cup, have required collaborations with Romero Britto and his pop sensibility. 



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