Padame One

Photography and street art merge in the unique works of French artist Padame One. As a young emerging artist Padame One is well versed in his era and the digital tools that have risen with it. Working primarily on photographs that he edits to create Glitch art Padame then prints them before adding them to his canvas. Building on his numerous layers of collage Padame then starts to rip them off, adding another layer or pencil on top of it. With a keen and sharp eye Padame One also always incorporates the latest visual trends in his works. 

I'll always remember the first time I went for collages in the streets

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Self-taught artist originally from Rouen, Padame One’s introduction to Art happens through photography in 2013. Padame’s interest in digital experiments arose from his shots he later modifies, distorts and edits using various softwares. Digital art is at the core of Padame One’s work, whether in his own photographs or those he spends hours hunting down on the Internet. After years spent dissecting softwares possibilities Padame One went from prints to canvases; keeping the digital at the core of his work with numerous layers of collages enhanced with paint and stencils. His style is deeply rooted in Street art, drawing inspiration from the city walls. 

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