Nanan’s sculptures are irresistible. Deeply rooted in Japanese Pop culture and well versed into contemporary art, Nanan develops his unique perspective in his one of a kind “urban lights”. Each sculpture embodies a single lovely personality, built of Nanan’s take and recycled beam light. Though he became an artist somehow by chance, Nanan has now become a reference in Toy Art with an urban signature. 

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Nanan’s oeuvre is an ode to pop culture. Nanan combines consumer society codes to street art. Photographer, painter and sculptor, no form of visual art remain unchartered territory to Nanan. It all started quite some years ago when Nanan had a hybrid space in which he was showing different types of objects and artworks. A friend of his brought him a box full of old car lights.  Nanan started playing around with these old light and found that they sort of look like heads – why not add a body? And an entire personality? B-Boys were born. 

Japanese culture has been part of Nanan’s life since the early days, as he grew up reading various mangas. Nanan often cites artists such as Akira Wakui,  Taku Obata and Amose amongst his strongest influences. Working in a shared studio space in Lille, Lasecu, he continually meets with other artists and universes. Passionate about art at large, Nanan attends tens and tens of gallery and museum shows each year, strengthening his unique perspective and creations. 

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