Miles Jaffe

Tribute & Parody

Money, words, pencils, canned tomatoes… It seems that from his enormous tubes of paint, the American artist Miles Jaffe manages to get out of everything, except tempera. Miles has always had a very logical, mechanical & sometimes cynical vision of art trying to find the motifs behind anything that surrounds him. This vision is reflected in his art, as in his giant tubes of color from which come out things that have nothing to do with art, since perhaps, there is no longer a boundary between art & not art, making everything a work of art & works of art everything. 

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I blame Warhol (“Art is what you can get away with.“) although he clearly wasn’t the first. Andy just took the anti-art of Dada to The Factory floor. Some find notoriety by being the first to exploit some tiny previously unexplored niche, some find it by being outrageous in some way. Others capitalize on marketing – for which the outrageous is a perfect vehicle. I do not consider this to be either art or success.

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