Maxim Wakultschik

The works by Maxim Wakultschik are mathematically precise and accurate constructions that create a formal order from the chaos of detached & separate elements. Maxim thus investigates how a three-dimensional surface can inspire the viewer to interact with an art object by inviting him or her to move around it. Maxim Wakultschik’s complex and multi-layered objects are the product of interplay between lights and shadows, shimmering shades and gleaming colours which produce a colourful and deep illusion of reality.

The edges of reality and illusion are blurred and become flexible

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Focusing on the effect of the reflexion of the ambient light results in oscillating variations of reality that constantly challenge us to a proactive approach. His works perpetually change as the slightest movement, the smallest alteration in perspective leads to stunning new impressions, turning his works into kinetic objects. 

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