Lindsey De Ovies

The bronze sculptures by Lindsey De Ovies question all things conventional: commitment, responsibility, social integration, stereotype, and identity. The art of Lindsey De Ovies is inspired by all the stages of maturing (birth, youth, marriage, family, mid-life, the randomness of death & beyond). In an effort to defy gravity, the sculptures of Lindsey De Ovies are often light on the surface, but multi-layered in message. 

As an American artist living in Paris, I am a cultural hybrid straddling two vastly different civilizations, remaining somewhat alien in both

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Both absurdly humorous and subtly disturbing, the sculptures of Lindsey De Ovies of anthropomorphic raw chickens, nail-studded birthday cakes and oversized pharmaceuticals delicately displayed on cake trays represent the artist’s turmoil with regard to various human matters and relationships.

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