Lindsey De Ovies

As an American artist living in Paris, I am a cultural hybrid straddling two vastly different civilizations, remaining somewhat alien in both. Observing my reality from this bifocal vantage point has informed my art and provided me with an exceptionally fertile breeding ground for new material.

Range of Arts I Lindsey De Ovies I Flabbergasted [Available]

Lindsey de Ovies is an autodidact sculptor. Following her studies at Parsons School of Design, Lindsey De Ovies worked as a fashion designer for 15 years in New York, Asia and Europe. After moving to Paris in 1989, her passion for fashion design slowly evaporated, and in 2000 Lindsey De Ovies began her career as an artist. Over the past ten years, Lindsey De Ovies has exhibited extensively in the United States and Europe and her work is part of private collections around the world. Both absurdly humorous and subtly disturbing, the bronze and resin sculptures of Lindsey De Ovies of anthropomorphic raw chickens, nail-studded birthday cakes and oversized pharmaceuticals delicately displayed on cake trays represent the artist’s turmoil with regard to various human matters and relationships.

The art of Lindsey De Ovies is inspired by all the stages of life (birth, youth, marriage, family, mid-life, the randomness of death & beyond). In an effort to defy gravity, the sculptures of Lindsey De Ovies are often light on the surface, but multi-layered in message.

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