Jimmy Law

In all my work I try to incorporate the use of contrast and good composition. When done in such an expressive style, it often creates rather bold, energetic and dramatic images.

Range of Arts I Jimmy Law I Hours Passing By [Available]

Jimmy is a South-African self-taught contemporary painter from the Orange Free State, South Africa. After several years in a printing company ranging from clothing design and manufacture to surfboards, Jimmy Law started working as a freelance illustrator and did lot of work in the comic book industry. He was very accomplished as a realistic painter but not satisfied. In 2010, he decided to focus only on his art and started his carrer as a full-time painter. He radically changed his approach to his painting style by using only larger brushes (between 6 and 15cm in width) to create energetic images. He constantly challenges himself in his painting and he keep introducing new ways and techniques of pushing this style forward and developing it even further.

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Range of Arts - Long way to run
Range of Arts I Jimmy Law I Long way to run
Range of Arts I Jimmy Law I Broken memories


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