Space is the key component of Isabel’s work. The body posture and the living essence of a human are essential aspects in Isabel Miramontes’ creations.  Struck by a silhouette, a movement, a symbol, a thought, Miramontes translates into her unique visual language. Isabel Miramontes is known for her bronze sculptures, outdoors monumental ones as well as smaller ones both on view in our Honfleur galleries all year long. Isabel’s works, more or less realistic, explore the concept of apparent emptiness. To Isabel sculpture is not a block of matter to which one gives shape; it is a void to which the artist gives texture.

I like feeling like my sculptures have skins

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Isabel Miramontes explores new body shapes and shares her vision of the world through strips and cut silhouettes that capture a movement, a feeling. Isabel Miramontes expresses with her very own emotion all the ambiguity of the human being: his strength and his fragility, his need for isolation and his freedom, his dreams and triumphs. Art enters a new dimension: the sensitive.

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Isabel Miramontes studied with renowned drawer Patrick Pouillart. He provided Isabel with precious guidance so she could become an accomplished drawer and master living model sketching. From this experience Isabel Miramontes kept the will and need to instantly freeze human gesture and his attitudes in various sketching books. These very sketching books are the ones that inspired her later to create the works we know now. 

Sculpture became the foregone conclusion when Isabel Miramontes passionately discovered sculpture at a friend’s studio. Miramontes learnt the basics of sculpture there and immediately started modeling her own characters. 

Isabel Miramontes entirely devotes herself to sculpture to this day. Daily Isabel Miramontes locks herself in the studio and lets her imagination and sketch inspire her to create her bronze figures.