Hedwige Leroux

Some moments and meetings in life are determining. Hedwige Leroux went through one of them as she met well-established sculptor Luo Li Rong. After their encounter, Leroux traded her beloved brushes and pencils for clay and joined the atelier to learn by Li Rong’s side. 

One can recognise Hedwige Leroux’s classical training while observing her oeuvre. 

After many years of study at the Académie des Beaux Arts in Uccle, Hedwige Leroux met Luo Li Rong. Soon after, Leroux enrolled to follow the master’s classes to learn how to apprehend clay and bend it to her wishes. A gifted and outstanding student, Hedwige Leroux quickly grew as a sculptor. Now, she creates refined bronze sculptures depicting modern & contemporary. 

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