Ghislain VIAENE

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Ghislain Viaene is a French contemporary artist. Viaene seems to be have made his Warhol’s saying “There is beauty in everything, just not everybody sees it”, as he shows us the beauty of daily life accidents. In each of his unique artwork Ghislain turns daily accidents into beautiful artworks. Entitled the Instantons his series refer to the instant of contemplation or the contemplation of the instant.

A beautiful clumsiness

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When the domestic entropy becomes aesthetic. When the aesthetic of the clumsiness expresses itself through a teasing  hyperrealism, it then becomes a work of art.
The vanishing instant which, up to now, was remaining out of reach has finally been grabbed by the Mixed-media artist who  gives us to see, who gives us to contemplate.
The Instanton was born, instant of contemplation or contemplation of the instant.

In addition to the awareness of the passing of time, the Instanton calls us to order. Nobody is perfect. Facing the rise of the transhumanism, which wants us to become post-human beings, artificially perfect beings, the Instanton proves that a clumsy  gesture is an act of creation. 
By Pascal Minoche

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