Gera is a young contemporary artist already showing a distinct style. Gera1 works focus on Glitch Art and are characterised by realistic portraits and abstract forms that coexist in a space full of slides and intense colour contrasts. Still studying Gera mostly works outdoor creating artworks for festivals and art events across Europe. 

Gera1 mastery use of spray paint on canvas shows through his  evanescent paintings. Gera plays with colours and shapes to create mesmerising portraits. His rare paintings on canvas can be found in our Honfleur galleries. 

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Gera was born in Athens, Greece and is a mural artist that started as a graffiti writer in 2009. Gera is a student at the School of Fine Arts and has also studied Graphic and Applied Arts.

In several graffiti festivals such as Meetings Of Styles, Step in the Arena, SAF Thessaloniki, Stray Art, and also in several art events such as live Paintings at  Space Lab and Athens Law School.

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