Cosmos is a French street artist. Part of the old guard, he is one of the pioneers of the movement in France and participated in building the reputation of urban art. At his debuts in the 1980’s he primarily worked on the Parisian subway, mainly on the ligne 6. The underground and its surroundings quickly became his favourite playground. Cosmos tagged alongside the most renowned artists of our time, such as JonOne, Monsieur Chat, C215 and L’Atlas. All crossed paths many times, resulting in different collaborations. As time went by, Cosmos kept on working and feeding on his various encounters; he now is one of the artists with the most complex artistic répertoire

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+33 9 83 21 73 51

 10:00 – 19:00

Address 7 Rue des Capucins

7 Quai Saint Etienne

14600 Honfleur

Email artsrange@gmail.com

Cosmos now develops his universe indoors, extending his colourful universe on canvas in his studio. “My work on canvas is a continuity of what I used to do in the streets, and I want to convey this beautiful, positive energy to those looking at my paintings. It is a declaration to society.

Like a scientist, he blends his influences from action painting and urban art to create striking art pieces. There is a touch of dripping here, some throwing there and graffitis to top it all. Cosmos focuses on filling each centimetre of the canvas with paint, never leaving a blank space. It results in colourful abstract paintings, from which emerge communicative energy. Cosmos’ images can be read horizontally or vertically, as the artist offers us a wonderful world of colours and matters to dive into.

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