Bollee Patino

Range of Arts street artist Bollee Patino

Bollee Patino is a rising urban artist living and working in the U.S. Bollee discovered graffiti early on and immediately fell in love with the endless supports one can tag and graff on wandering around cities. Patino builds on his backgrounds to create his compelling artworks. The sharp contrasts and multiple layers Bollee uses in his one of a kind paintings emphasize his message: Stand out. Bollee Patino’s works address the issues of sense of self and identity uniquely, supported by a masterful use of ink, gold leaf, acrylics and spraypaint. 

Merging contemporary art, graffiti and street art to get the message out there: Be Yourself

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Bollee Patino graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from IADT. Patino went on to work as a graphic designer to perfect his technique and keep on exploring his fascination for typography – one of graffiti’s basics. Bollee Patino feeds on all his previous experiences to merge his inspirations altogether in his artworks, from design, street, graffiti and contemporary art. “Be Yourself” and “Gold Digger” are Bollee Patino’s two main series. 

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“Never hide your roots, culture, heritage or passions with a profile of innocence. The only person you have to live with for the rest of your life is yourself. Accept your internal greatness.”
Bollee Patino