Astrid De Gueuser

Explorating relationships and emotions between humans and nature, Astrid De Geuser is known for her expressive and meditative paintings with vivid colours. Presented in many exhibitions or events, she is one of the original artist in the contemporary art scene today.

Prices & Availabilities

+33 9 83 21 73 51

 10:00 – 19:00

Address 7 Rue des Capucins

7 Quai Saint Etienne

14600 Honfleur

Email artsrange@gmail.com

Her artworks, with narrative dimensions, are telling stories with many and varied emotions. They carry us away by a thought which is swinging between mémory, identity and environment understanding. Her art, inspirational and captivating, does not stop interrogate the spectator and keep him away in a world where the material frontier does not exist anymore, just like her paintings.

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