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Tomoshi Yasuda is an emerging Japanese painter bringing oil on wood to new limits. Tomoshi Yasuda’s works are all about perception and imagination. In his unique paintings, the artist questions our relation to artworks and our mind’s ability to construct and deconstruct. From up close, the viewer enjoys diving into the depths of the varnished colored blocks while silhouettes eventually arise from a distance. A fool’s game in which we happily take part! After winning over Japan’s collectors, the artist chose our walls to invite you to unveil his portraits. 

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Though not fully part of the digital native generation, Tomoshi uses new technology to create perfectly nuanced paintings. The artist first draws his inspiration from artworks he finds online prior to turning the colors of the initial paintings into nuances and “make data”. Tomoshi then uses these to create his colors and paint his abstract portraits. While the subject remains invisible from looking up closely to the painting it slowly reveals itself as one walks away. “Once you see what is drawn you can’t see anything else” warns the artist. 

“Perception is a direct and strong stimulus but I think the way of perceiving is very related to the consciousness of the viewer”, says the artist. Tomoshi Yasuda was born in 1985 in Ottaru (Hokaido). In 2021 he was awarded the Grand Prix award from Asia Unknown – the first of many others to come. 

We litterally look very much forward to the young’s artist future, convinced he is not done twisting techniques, matters and subjects!

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