Kiara Peelman artiste peintre hyperréalisme honfleur


Each painting by Kiara Peelman contains a part of her life and personality. Kiara is an all-rounder creative – she worked in different artistic fields before dedicating herself fully to hyperrealism. Entirely self-taught, she gained recognition in the highly competitive art market thanks to her talent and numerous hours spent practising in her studio. Kiara Peelman has – already! – been featured Hyperrealism magazine for her portraits.  In this acclaimed series, she creates crumpled paintings revealing the complexity of human being, and the beauty that lies in it. 

Kiara’s art is all about painting reality uncensored. Multiple shapes and nuances hide underneath the incredibly true-to-life faces she paints. It is a game of construction and precision that Peelman plays on canvas. The artist carefully places each element on a specific part of the canvas, and it all slowly takes shape – the final result finally emerges as one moves away from the canvas. Such stunning results require incredible patience: Peelman spends between 250 and 300 hours on one painting.

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Her paintings question as much as they guide us. Kiara plays with our perception – of ourselves and of others. She chooses to represent anonymous to focus on emotions, from the happiest to the saddest. Kiara knows all about this spectrum as she experienced both extremes. Her artworks are a way to convey all these feelings and find balance, showing the beauty of imperfection and humanity in all. Kiara raises to the top of hyperrealism, shaping and bending colours and matters. We are delighted to support and accompany the artist to new heights – and hope you’ll join us on the way. 

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