Dandy Osaka wire sculpture by French artist Amimono available at Range of Arts Gallery Honfleur

Amimono is a multiform artist, painter, photographer and sculptor at once. The wireist spent years perfecting his technique, constantly taking on new approaches to find his unique signature style. Amimono is an observer of the world, feeding on the teachings of his journeys to create his mural artworks. 

Amimono’s works will always trigger the viewers’s cherished memories. Amimono has this rare ability to make his sculpture universal, as he says “in one way or another everyone has lived the scenes I depict. This is what makes them interesting ! My inspiration comes from everywhere”. Amimono’s sculptures are an invitation to take a break and contemplate on the world.


Through the lightness, between painting and sculpture, shadows add a new dimensions

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Amimono’s wired sculptures are the result of twenty years of research into the perfect transition from line to volume. They renew and reinvent Wire Art.

Suspended in space and light, his wired sculptures project their multiple shadows, playing with supports and colours, inventing an additional dimension.Amimono deliberately chooses to keep his characters’ faces neutral for each and everyone of us to relate.

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Various artists have influenced Amimono and led him to his find his own signature style. With Henri Burin he learnt the balance between light and shadow and evolved to liberate his feelings with Irene Harvel. Driss Agabsi showed Amimono to lighten his lines and harmonize colors while David Farsi broadened his horizons.