Alex Garant

Painting queen

Nicknamed “Queen of Double Eyes” by a friend of hers and dubbed so by galleries and peers, Canadian artist Alex Garant creates memorable artworks. As one can easily guess, she creates disturbingly fascinating portraits exhibiting duplicated eyes. 

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Duality defines Alex’ artworks. Not only in the multiple representation of the eyes but also as opposites seem are brought together in her works: classic and contemporary, vagueness and precision, patterns and flats. For a long time the artist booked models to come to the studio where she would get between 100 and 200 pictures with variations in the lightings and set up. She now enjoys a seizable database to draw inspiration from. 

Garant distinguishes her drawings from the paintings, the first enabling for more freedom than the latter.  Paintings are more controlled than the drawings as they result from all the experience built in the previous. Alex even compares them to a sort of “game plan” before starting her painter’s work. 

Though she treats the portrait in a resolutely modern, not to say almost futuristic, manner her techniques remain somewhat classic. Alex works with oils on canvas, with a preference for Gamblin oils and her models seat in traditional poses. Looking to the future she wishes to keeping on pushing “traditional portrait influences and mix it with a bit of quirkiness, and sprinkle everything with a passive dust of nostalgia”.

Garant has been featured in countless publications including Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Supersonic Art, WSJ, Viceand on multiple online platforms including: VICE, The Huffintong Post, Mashable.com, BUzznet, ViralNova, Tory Burch Trends and many more. As an emerging painter Alex still remains close to the young art scene she was honored to be one of the judge of the 2016 prestigious Toronto Emerging Artist Awards. 

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