Sebastian Nasta

Sebastian Nasta is an emerging hyperrealist painter. Nasta has always been fascinating with faces, yet still attracted to abstraction. Sebastian found in his signature style an impressive way of combining both, using colour blocks, foam, topping and aluminium foil to conceal parts of his portraits. Each of his painting unveils his impressive technique and mastery. Nasta sees this a way of rendering “the oscillation between what is visible and what is concealed, between the known and the unknown recalls the Freudian psychoanalytic opposition between the conscious and the unconscious”

I can, therefore, say that in my paintings, the visible part of the portrait represents the conscious, while the unconscious is transposed into a hidden, covered up part of the portrait, even when it is abstractly executed.

Sebastian Nasta

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Each and every detail matters in Sebastian Nasta’s paintings. Choosing carefully both his models and the fabrics they will be wearing, Nasta focused on aluminium foil in his most recent series captivated by the reflection properties of the material. As such this series is not only a portraits of his muses but also a self portrait of the artist who is to be found somewhere on the canvas …

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