Marie-Ange Daudé

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French contemporary artist Marie-Ange Daudé creates one-of-a-kind suspended artworks. Marie-Ange Daudé uses carefully chosen feathers she meticulously dyes before placing them on various nylon threads to create her delicate portraits. As a result, it seems like Marie-Ange’s women figures levitate in their wooden box. A long-time admirer of Soulages, Daudé’s universe appears as deep and mysterious as the painter’s nuances of black. “In mural artworks relief is what captures light, and that is an essential aspect. This relief is what enables the play of lights with the dark in Soulages’ paintings”. 

Relief is essential to capture light

Marie-Ange Daudé

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Marie-Ange Daudé works on various greyscales to intensify her own game of brightness and shadows. The texture of the feather, their delicacy, further strengthen the transparency and airiness of Daudé’s timeless portraits. Marie-Ange’s characters are based on old, vintage, photographs. She revives them with her unique process yet keeps the soft nostalgia emanating from the original picture. 

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Daudé’s assertive personality has led her to experiment with various supports to exhibit her strong inner feelings. The precise and meticulous process of Marie-Ange’s portraits also reveals the artist’s architect spirit. Daudé graduated in Urbanism and Planning and has always been interested in architecture. This in-depth knowledge, combined with her unique creativity, makes Marie-Ange Daudé’s work truly stand out.

Marie-Ange Daudé was born in 1964 in Gironde. Before her current and acclaimed suspended feather portraits, Marie-Ange focused on heart-shaped compositions from every material she could get her hands on. It resulted in a series of 64 hearts made from recycled items in the early 2010s.