Laure Simoneau


“I like saying I’m not just a sculptor: I’m an “ironwireist”, and in a way I also think I am a funambulist.”

Laure Simoneau, a.k.a. Lor, is a French contemporary artist born in 1970. Self taught artist, the only course Laure Simoneau has followed was about art welding process to improve her skill. She is now one of the leading French wire and shadow artists. With a natural and exquisite ability, a well-studied technique and a rich imagination, Laure Simoneau has been creating a wonderful collection of wire and shadow sculptures. Born from past and current emotions, the wire sculptures of Laure Simoneau are full of warmth, an astonishing opposition to the coldness of iron. Though the medium is as simple as an iron wire, the procedure is delicate and well-studied. The iron wire is first hammered in order to get its final shape and then, the silver welding’s work starts with a lot of meticulousness.

The uncluttered aspect of Laure Simoneau’s creations comes from the fact that she tries to use the less wire as possible as she is more interested in the blank space. The wire only serves to delimit a blank space and give it volume. Laure’s performance is to recreate these feelings through her sculptures is amazing; it fills the viewers’ perception with sudden tenderness, full harmony and complete admiration.

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