Derick Smith

Derick Smith grew up in a family deeply rooted in craftsmanship, surrounded by tradition and love for creation. Eventually, Derick decided to put his focus on the matter - the very heart of painting. Smith' decided to get away from pure figuration to create visceral works, which appeal to our senses. His paintings are the results of the thousands of hours spent dissecting the complexity of the matter, studying its reactions, cracks, variations, and curves. Smith describes his work "of sculptural nature", and pushes the boundaries between the static and the dynamic. He finds aesthetics and technical balances in the different perspectives suggested by the matter.


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Much like a physician, Derick focuses on the interactions of the matter with itself. Smith carefully studies the most elementary aspects, such as light and shadows, depth and shape, weight and colour, to enable the viewer to soak at the moment. It’s almost like finally experiencing the most profound meaning of looking. Derick constantly experiments with the dialogue between the colours and the surface of the canvas, always looking to stimulate our senses.



This is thus a sort of magic enigma that happens when discovering Derick’s works, far from any intellectuality. Much like a river in its bed, textures change and Derick follows his path in the contemporary art world. Smith explores unchartered territories, constantly renewing his quest for the matter and its meaning.


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