Clemens Briels


Clemens Briels has developed his art around a concept he invented: antipodism.

Clemens Briels is a contemporary Ducth artist born in 1946. Briels’ various travels to the East, the Americas and the Caribbeans are the source of his first paintings. Clemens Briels is always looking for something new to create and has never wanted to limit himself to canvases. His sculptures are the result of another facet of his art, one in which he can express with volumes, curves and and precision. Each of Briels’ work tells stories about exotic travels and the unusual. With a lack of respect for the academic straight-jacket of perspective, Clemens Briels is a sculptor, painter, creates glass sculptures and designs furniture. His signature is and will always be the cheerful and optimistic outlook on life.

In 2002 Clemens Briels was one of the Official Olympic Winter Games taking place in the US. Briels’ works have been exhibited worldwide including museum exhibition in Shanghai, August 2008.

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