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The Ultimate Xmas Catalogue

The hunt for the right perfect gift has now begun and we are more than happy to help you win it! This year we ease your search: here is a catalog of affordable contemporary artworks – from 50€ to 5.000€ – amongst which is the perfect gem for your loved ones, or yourself ;).  If you still can’t find […]

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Welcome to Laurence De Valmy

Laurence De Valmy is a French born artist currently living and working in the  U.S. We have fallen for her art, bringing together art icons and modern technology. Laurence De Valmy integrates these chefs d’oeuvres into the contemporary digital world and it looks just perfect. Through her artwork one can discover, or rediscover, the most interesting stories behind […]

How To Buy Art?

For artnewbies and experienced collectors alike buying a new piece of art can be overwhelming sometimes. We have decided to make it easier for you and let you in with our tips. To receive our Collector’s Guide just send us an email and we will be happy to send it your way! We also have […]

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Strenght and Grace: Mariela Garibay’s sculptures

“Do not say anything to my children before they speak to you” says sculptor Mariela Garibay. And indeed her sculptures always make their way to our hearts. The sculpture of Mariela Garibay is positive and generous, it immortalizes a moment of happiness seized by the artist, a peaceful moment, a good memory, a smile, a surprise, […]

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Discover French emerging artist Nathan Chantob

At only 26 Nathan Chantob presents works of a rare quality for his young age. By dint of testing his portraits are more and more powerful and deliver the artist’s very own sensitivity. Nathan is also a real drawing master as we can see in each and every single work that comes out of his […]

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Isabel Miramontes now in Honfleur

We are extremely proud to present the works of Isabel Miramontes now at the gallery. The visual language of Isabel Miramontes steadfastly represents the human being in all the ambiguity of its power and frailty, its confinement and yearning for liberty, its dreams and triumphs. This fascinating figure, the synthesis of forms and thoughts, expresses […]

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Jimmy Law’s latest painting now on our walls !

Straight from Jimmy Law‘s studio in South Africa came his two last paintings. Pictures will never do the paintings justice but here is an insight. Don’t hesitate to request more pictures, they are available for now …