Mariela Garibay is a Peruvian sculptor who followed a remarkably brilliant curriculum. Mariela is a Sculpture graduate of the prestigious Catholic University of Lima. She then completed her education at the University of Barcelona with a Masters in urban design, art and society.

Her hard working and devotion to the artistic world allowed her to rapidly take part in the art world.  “Pietra sobre pietra” exhibition marked the launch of her artistic career in Peru.

Soon after Mariela Garibay was able to permanently exhibit her works in galleries and perfect her technique on bronze. The various prestigious prizes she won, such as the National Design for Peruvian Crafts in 2005 and Winternitz prize twice in 1997 and 1999 have gained Garibay international recognition. Soon Mariela Garibay started exhibiting her works outside of Peru to conquer America and Europe. Mariela now works and lives in Spain. There Mariela relentlessly developed her career, organizing numerous exhibitions in Madrid, Barcelona, Saragossa or Tarragona. 

Mariela Garibay brings her observations of the world around her through her sculptures, showing all her tenderness and mastery of volumes. Titled “Sweetness”, “Dialogue”, “Hugging” her sculptures which have the appearance of naked children with generous curves, immortalize a moment of happiness, peace, a cherished memory, a surprise captured by Mariela.


Sculpture is a discipline that requires patience, many hours of work and love. “As I mature, my work and my themes also mature” says Mariela Garibay. In fact, Mariela spends several months creating a sculpture because she must imagine and drawing it before. All these hours of reflection and maturation in her work allow her to choose the most appropriate material to make her child sculpture.

Mariela Garibay works with different types of stone to create her sculpture such as Carrara marble, alabaster and Calatorao marble. For her clay sculptures she uses a millennial technique from her origin in Peru. This technique consists in burning the clay to obtain a special texture with shades of beige color which improve the shape and expressiveness of her works.

Mariela Garibay sparkles the interest of numerous private collectors and has won recognition of critics in various magazines specializing in art collections.

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